Wednesday, 10 August 2011

.The Adventures of Sailor Girl!

Sailor girl has decided to include a comic with their future newsletters featuring themselves as crime fighting superheroes. This is the first comic featuring them; it takes place at the Chase park festival which they organised. Beware the black rabbit also had a stall there, which I ran while merry with cider while Dan and Chris sweated as event staff (suckers.)

Any way I decided to jump straight into the comic and not bother the reader with introductions into the superhero world of sailor girl, or give explanation as to how they obtained their superpowers. The reason being (apart from my eagerness to draw some action panels,) was to give the reader of the newsletter a surprise when the seen an events company pummelling the ink out of an octopus! However I feel I'm missing out an essential part of any comic, and since I'm currently working on another comic devoid of any sense of reason with Dan, I've started some concept story work for a prequel to 'The adventures of Sailor Girl.'

Don't eat the pips!

Friday, 5 August 2011

A nervous breakfast.

Yesterdays Breakfast, mmmmmmmmmmm.
Don't eat the pips.

Jon Burgerman

I was having a look at the Burgered page on face book and quickly drew this up. All the entry's featuring burgers reminded me of Wimpy from Popeye. I'm currently working on a comic for sailor girl ltd and I've got a window to posca up, as well as sorting out the shambles that is this new blog. I can't get carried away with other drawings, but I may add some color to this later. 

Don't eat the pips.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

First Pip, Welcome to watermelon pips!

I’ve been posting on blogger for two years or so as part of a small collective, under the name bewaretheblackrabbit. All is dandy on that front and I will continue to post, but I feel it’s about time for a personal blog. Some of the things I draw don't feel right on a collective blog and I'd like to be more involved with the online blogging community. I found it harder to converse representing part of a collective, people weren't really sure exactly who thy where talking to. 

I'm hoping that with this blog I'll be able to get feedback on my posts and inspiration from others. However It's lonely on your own and with no followers so please follow me, and I'll be sure to follow back.     

For my first post I thought I would draw a small comic strip to introduce myself.

Don't eat the pips