Saturday, 20 October 2012

Bear Prince

I was a bit scared of my wacom tablet when I first got it, imagine the first time man discovered fire, you think of all the great stuff you can do with it, you imagine how it's going to change your life, but when you pick it up you get burnt. Then you get angry, and stamp on it, and call it a stupid piece of shit. 
Anyway I've noticed, with drawing, most things take a lot of practice, patience and experimenting and I bloody love my tablet know.  I'm busy colouring up some bears here’s on of them so far, they'll be more to come. 


I've assigned commands to my tablet buttons, mainly so I could sit back on the sofa and have my laptop on the table and not have to be hunched over using the keyboard. The buttons are oddly shaped and I would often hit the wrong one so I stuck form stickers so I could easily tell where they are. Plus every thing looks better with a load of stickers slapped on it.  I may have also just watched to much Portlandia.  Don't eat the pips.