Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Art of Conversation - Nature Heads -13- 15 Camouflage series

All the animal hats in this series use some form of camouflage, when screen printing I knew that the camelion would be the last so I save some of every colour I used in the early nature heads to use on that bad boy.

I've been busy working on an ETSY store today and it took me three hours to photograph all the images for it, a mind numbing process. I've also been adding some bios for each of the pieces to go on the shop so I'll post them up with some of the pictures. They're influenced by some of the ridiculous conversation I had before the exhibition, so they worth a read.

Titles - Karma Chameleon -   Camofrog Prince - We talked Rain.

Don't eat the pips.

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  1. Wow...these are so interesting :) Cute blog, by the way. The watermelon everywhere is pretty much adorable.

    xo, Samantha