Friday, 16 December 2011

Toys in the Attic.

It's been a few day's since my last pip. I've been trying to sort things out for Xmas which has been a nightmare to say the least, (bah humbug.) Anyway I hope everyone else is sorted.

I'm hoping to lanch my Etsy shop tonight, if not tomorrow and prints of this will be available. The skeleton on the original is glow in the dark. There was someone asking about this piece but when he found out it was glow in the dark he wen't a bit funny. Apparently he made a glow in the dark werewolf when he was a child which it scared during the night, and ever since he's been afraid of all thing illuminous.

Don't eat the pips.


  1. Len this is AMAZING!
    Where did you get the glow int he dark paint from?
    I've been after some for ages from when I did my business cards - is it transparent though or can you see it if you paint it over a colour?

  2. Thanks for the comments Lynsey, I appreciate it. It seems to have a little bit colour to it. The thing is I was working on white card so I'm not sure if it would rest on top of colour or cover it. I'll test it today and post it on my blog along with a link to the paint.